IS Code Book – Wood and other Lignocellulosic products

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
1061Plywood for General Purposes

IS 303:1989

1062Wooden Separators for Lead-Acid Storage Batteries

IS 652:1960

1063Specification for Medium Strength Aircraft Plywood

IS 709:1974

1064Marine Plywood -Specification

IS 710:2010

1065Specification for Synthetic Resin Adhesives for Plywood (Phenolic And Aminoplastic)

IS 848:2006

1066Specification for Synthetic Resin Adhesives For Construction Work (Non-Structural) in Wood

IS 851:1978

1067Animal Glue For General Wood-Working Purposes -Specification

IS 852:1994

1068Veneered Decorative Plywood -Specification

IS 1328:1996

1069Extenders for Use in Synthetic Resin Adhesives (Urea-formaldehyde) for Plywood- Code of Practice

IS 1508:1972

1070Fibre hardboards -Specification

IS 1658:2006

1071Block Boards -Specification

IS 1659:2004

1072Methods of test for plywood

IS 1734-1 to 20:1983

1073Methods of Test for Wood Particle Boards and Boards from Other Lignocellulosic Materials

IS 2380-1 to 21:1977

1074Method of test for wood particle boards and boards from other lignocellulosic materials, Part 22: Determination of surface glue ability test

IS 2380-22:1981

1075Method of test for wood particle boards and boards from other lignocellulosic materials, Part 23: Vibration tests for particle boards

IS 2380-23:1981

1076Particle boards of wood and other lignocellulosic materials (medium density) for general purposes -Specification

IS 3087:2005

1077Veneered Particle Boards -Specification

IS 3097:2006

1078Specification for low-density particle boards

IS 3129:1985

1079Specification for wood wool building slabs

IS 3308:1981

1080Specification for fibre insulation boards

IS 3348:1965

1081Specification for High-Density Wood Particle Boards

IS 3478:1966

1082Resin-treated compressed wood laminates (compregs) - Specification, Part 1: For electrical purposes

IS 3513-1:1989

1083Resin-treated compressed wood laminates (compregs) - Specification, Part 2: For chemical purposes

IS 3513-2:1989

1084Resin Treated Compressed Wood Laminates (Compregs) - Specification, Part 3: For General Purposes

IS 3513-3:1989

1085Resin Treated Compressed Wood Laminates (Compregs) - Specification, Part 4: Sampling and tests

IS 3513-4:1966

1086Specification of veneered wood boards for packing cases

IS 4834:1968

1087Specification Polyvinyl Acetate Dispersion-Based Adhesives for Wood

IS 4835:1979

1088high strength aircraft plywood

IS 4859:1968

1089Plywood for concrete shuttering work - Specification

IS 4990:2011

1090Fire Retardant Plywood -Specification

IS 5509:2000

1091Specification for preservative-treated plywood

IS 5539:1969

1092Specification for decorative plywood using a plurality of veneers for decorative faces

IS 7316:1974

1093Wood/Lignocellulosic Based Panel Products - Methods of Sampling

IS 7638:1999

1094Performance requirements for adhesive for structural laminated wood products for use under exterior exposure conditions

IS 9188:1979

1095Methods of Test for Wood-based Structural Sandwich Construction

IS 9307-1 to 8:1979

1096Specification for Structural Plywood - Specification

IS 10701:2012

1097Code of practice for the preparation and application of putty for repairing plywood and other wood-based panels

IS 12053:1987

1098Code of practice for testing of timbers for plywood manufacture

IS 12077:1987

1099Code of practice for preservation of plywood and other panel products

IS 12120:1987

1100Medium Density Fibre Boards for General Purpose -Specification

IS 12406:2003

1101Wood Products - Prelaminated Particle Boards -Specification

IS 12823:1990

1102Method for determination of formaldehyde content in particle board by extraction method called perforator method

IS 13745:1993

1103Metal-faced plywood -Specification

IS 13957:1994

1104Bamboo mat board for general purposes -Specification

IS 13958:1994

1105Cement bonded particle boards -Specification

IS 14276:1995

1106Commercial veneers -Specification

IS 14315:1995

1107Prelaminated medium density fibre board -Specification

IS 14587:1998

1108Bamboo mat veneer composite for general purposes -Specification

IS 14588:1999

1109Laminated veneer lumber - Specification

IS 14616:1999

1110Coir Veneer Board for General Purposes -Specification

IS 14842:2000

1111Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheets -Specification

IS 15476:2004

1112Medium Density Coirboards for General Purposes

IS 15491:2004

1113Selection and Use of Various Types of Medium-Density Fibre Boards - Code of Practice

IS 15512:2004

1114Extenders for use in synthetic resin adhesives (Urea-Formaldehyde) for plywood - Code of practice

IS 15684:2006

1115Prelaminated cement bonded particle board -Specification

IS 15786:2008

1116Museum plywood -Specification

IS 15791:2007

1117Coir Faced Block Boards -Specification

IS 15877:2010

1118Coir Hardboard for General Purposes -Specification

IS 15878:2010

1119Selection and Use of various types of Lignocellulosic Panel Products - Code of Practice, Part 1: Medium-Density Particle Boards

IS 15932-1:2012

1120Bamboo-Jute Composite Corrugated and Semi-Corrugated Sheets - Specification

IS 15972:2012

1121Selection and Use of Various Types of Lignocellulosic Panel Products - Code of Practice, Part 2: Hardboards

IS 15973-2:2013

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