IS Code Books – Timber and Timber Stores

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
853Plywood Tea Chests: Part-1 General

IS 10-1:1990

854Plywood Tea Chests: Part-2 Plywood

IS 10-2:1996

855Plywood Tea-Chests: Part-3 Battens

IS 10-3:1974

856Plywood Tea Chests: Part-4 Metal Fittings

IS 10-4:1989

857Plywood Tea Chests, Part 5: Assembly and Packing

IS 10-5:1976

858Coniferous Sawn Timber (Baulks and Scantlings)

IS 190:1991

859Permissible Moisture Content For Timber Used For Different Purposes - Recommendations

IS 287:1993

860Classification of Commercial Timbers and Their Zonal Distribution

IS 399:1963

861Preservation of Timber - Code of Practice

IS 401:2001

862Wooden Tool Handles General Requirements

IS 620:1985

863Logs for Plywood

IS 656:1988

864Timber Technology And Utilization of Wood, Bamboo and Cane - Glossary of Terms

IS 707:2011

865Wood Poles for Overhead Power And Telecommunication Lines

IS 876:1992

866logs for matches

IS 1140:1988

867Seasoning of timber- Code of practice

IS 1141:1993

868Trade names and abbreviated symbols for timber species

IS 1150:2000

869Non-coniferous sawn timber (Baulks and scantlings)

IS 1326:1992

870cut sizes of timber

IS 1331:1971

871wooden packing cases

IS 1503:1988

872wood wool for general packaging purposes

IS 1707:1979

873Methods of testing of small transparent specimens of timber

IS 1708-1:to:18:1986

874Timber for aircraft construction in converted form (finished form)

IS 1898:1990

875Methods of tests for wood poles

IS 1900:1974

876Preservation of bamboo and cane for non-structural purposes - Code of practice

IS 1902:2006

877wooden tent pins

IS 2133:1983

878converted timber for lorry bodies

IS 2179:1979

879Wooden cross arms

IS 2203:1993

880Timber for cooling towers

IS 2372:2004

881Tables for volumes of cut sizes of timber

IS 2377:1967

882Methods of static tests of timber in structural sizes

IS 2408:1963

883Method of sampling of model trees and logs and their conversion for timber testing

IS 2455:1990

884battened plywood cases

IS 2674:1988

885Guide for installation of impregnation plants for timber

IS 2683:1980

886Methods for estimation of preservatives in treated timber and in treating solutions, Part 1: Determination of copper, arsenic, chromium, zinc, boron, creosote and fuel oil

IS 2753-1:1991

887Methods for estimation of preservatives in treated timber and in treating solutions, Part 2: Determination of copper (in copper organic preservative salt) and pentachlorophenol

IS 2753-2:1991

888wooden handles for felling axes and hand axes

IS 2891:1975

889Wooden handles for picks and beaters

IS 2892:1993

890Wooden handles for adzes

IS 2893:1992

891wooden handles for woodworking chisels and gouges

IS 2894:1987

892Wooden handles for rasps, engineers' files and engineers' scrapers-

IS 2895:1990

893wooden handles for carpenters' augers

IS 2896:1978

894wooden handles for shovels

IS 2897:1983

895wooden tent mallets

IS 2922:1975

896cane baskets for general purposes

IS 3053:1977

897wooden crates

IS 3071:1981

898Pencil slats

IS 3084:1989

899bullies for general purposes

IS 3337:1978

900Methods of measurement and evaluation of defects in timber, Part 1: Logs

IS 3364-1:1976

901Methods of measurement and evaluation of defects in timber, Part 2: Converted timber

IS 3364-2:1976

902wooden fence posts

IS 3386:1979

903wooden boxes for packaging apples

IS 3728:1985

904teak squares

IS 3731:1985

905wooden beaters

IS 3806:1966

906willow clefts for cricket bats

IS 4422:1985

907Hand-sawing of timber - Guide

IS 4423:1999

908timber for use in coal mines

IS 4424:1967

909wooden anvil blocks

IS 4650:1968

910Methods for field testing of preservatives in wood

IS 4833:1993

911Methods of laboratory testing of wood preservatives against fungi and borers (powder post beetles) : Part 1 Determination of threshold values of wood preservatives against fungi

IS 4873-1:2008

912Methods of laboratory testing of wood preservatives against fungi and borers (powder post beetles) : Part 2 Determination of threshold values of wood preservatives against borers (powder post beetles)

IS 4873-2:2008

913teak logs

IS 4895:1985

914Method of testing timber connector joints

IS 4907:2004

915Wooden handles for hand hammers-

IS 4953:1989

916Critical for identification of commercial timbers

IS 4970:1973

917Coniferous logs

IS 5246:2000

918converted timber (coniferous): Part 1 Light furniture

IS 5247-1:1982

919converted timber (coniferous): Part 2 Packing cases and crates

IS 5247-2:1982

920non-coniferous timber in converted form for ammunition/explosives boxes

IS 5806:1970

921Wooden handles for POWRAHS

IS 5942:1989

922Non-coniferous timber in converted form for general purposes

IS 5966:1993

923Code of practice for the design of wood poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines

IS 5978:1970

924jointed wood poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines

IS 6056:1970

925Method of laboratory test for the efficacy of wood preservatives against soft rot

IS 6341:1971

926Method of tests for timber props for mines

IS 6346:1971

927Method of test for the efficacy of preservatives and evaluating the natural durability of timbers used in cooling towers

IS 6497:1990

928Guiding principles for grading and inspection of timber

IS 6534:1971

929wooden discs for tents

IS 6641:1985

930mason's mallets

IS 6642:1986

931wooden pins for bivouac tents

IS 6643:1987

932tinman's mallets

IS 6644:1986

933caulking mallets

IS 6656:1986

934Timber species suitable for wooden packaging -

IS 6662:1993

935bossing (plumbers), mallets

IS 6676:1986

936Glossary of wooden packaging terms

IS 6703:1972

937willow logs for artificial limbs

IS 6707:1972

938Code of practice for maintenance of wood poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines

IS 6711:1972

939wooden paddles

IS 6729:1972

940Method of testing natural durability of timber and efficacy of the wood preservatives against marine borers

IS 6791:1973

941Method of tests for bamboo

IS 6874:2008

942Non-coniferous logs

IS 7308:1999

943Guidelines for design, installation and testing of timber seasoning kilns (Compartment type with cross-forced air circulation)

IS 7315:1974

944bamboo tent poles

IS 7344:1974

945Vase for store tent

IS 7548:1992

946timber half-wrought for sporting rifles

IS 7549:1975

947returnable wooden crates for vegetables

IS 7698:1983

948wooden box for microscope slides

IS 7850:1975

949plywood cases for packing tobacco for export

IS 7992:1983

950packaging of plywood, blockboards and flush doors for export

IS 8001:1976

951Methods of tests for split bamboo

IS 8242:1976

952Evaluation of working quality of timber under different woodworking operations- Method of test

IS 8292:1992

953bamboo chicks, Part 1: Fine

IS 8295-1:1976

954bamboo chicks, Part 2: Coarse

IS 8295-2:1976

955Methods of sampling of timber scantlings from depots and their conversion for testing

IS 8720:1978

956rebound wooden boxes

IS 8725:1978

957rebound wooden crates

IS 8726:1978

958Methods of presentation of data on physical and mechanical properties of timber

IS 8745:1994

959Preservation of bamboo for structural purposes - Code of practice

IS 9096:2006

960Guide for storage and protection of logs and sawn timber

IS 9104:1979

961Code of practice for felling and conversion of trees into logs

IS 9561:1985

962Guide for mill sawing of timber

IS 9576:1980

963non-returnable wooden boxes for horticulture produce

IS 9590:1980

964water-soluble type wood preservatives, Part 1: Acid-copper-chrome (ACC) preservative

IS 10013-1:1981

965water-soluble type wood preservatives, Part 2: Copper-chrome-arsenic (CCA) wood preservative

IS 10013-2:1981

966water-soluble type wood preservatives, Part 3: Copper-chrome-boron (CCB) wood preservative

IS 10013-3:1981

967bamboo supports for camouflaging equipment

IS 10145:1982

968wooden sleepers for railway track

IS 10394:1982

969pin-needle hardboard boxes for packaging apples

IS 10402:1982

970Method of determination of sound absorption coefficient of timber by standing wave method

IS 10420:1982

971wooden toggles

IS 10499:1983

972Guidelines for nailing of large framed wooden containers

IS 10687:1983

973Code of practice for preservation of wooden sleepers for railway track by pressure treatment

IS 10753:1983

974Method of determination of thermal conductivity of timber

IS 10754:1983

975sweeping brooms

IS 11100:1984

976carpenter's mallets

IS 11106:1984

977wooden casks and barrels

IS 11131:1984

978The moisture content of timber and timber products- Methods for determination

IS 11215:1991

979Recommendations for off-road transportation of timber

IS 11288:1985

980Indian timbers for door and window shutters and frames- Classification

IS 12896:1990

981Determination of dielectric constant of wood under microwave frequencies- Method of test

IS 13621:1993

982Indian timbers for furniture and cabinets- Classification

IS 13622:1993

983Preservative-treated and seasoned sawn timber from rubber wood (Hevea Brasiliensis)

IS 14960:2001

984Grading rules for split canes

IS 15455:2004

985Grading rules for unsplit canes

IS 15456:2004

986Logs for production of sliced veneers

IS 15457:2004

987Classification of Indian canes and their zonal distribution

IS 15458:2004

988Design, Installation and Testing of Solar Timber Seasoning Kiln - Guidelines

IS 15890:2010

989Handbook on Timber Engineering

SP 33:1986

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