IS Code Book – Special Structures

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
1486Criteria for design of reinforced concrete shell structures and folded plates

IS 2210:1988

1487Code of practice for composite construction

IS 3935:1966

1488Criteria for design of reinforced concrete arches

IS 4090:1967

1489Criteria for design of reinforced concrete bins for storage of granular and powdery materials, Part 1: General requirements and assessment of bin loads

IS 4995-1:1974

1490Criteria for Design of Reinforced Concrete Bins for Storage of Granular and Powdery Materials, Part II: Design Criteria

IS 4995-2:1974

1491Criteria for design of reinforced concrete chimneys, Part 1: Assessment of loads

IS 4998-1:1992

1492Code of Practice for Composite Construction in Structural Steel and Concrete

IS 11384:1985

1493Criteria for the structural design of reinforced concrete natural draught cooling towers

IS 11504:1985

1494Criteria for design of RCC staging for overhead water tanks

IS 11682:1985

1495Handbook on Structures with Reinforced Concrete Portal Frames (Without Cranes)

SP 43:1987

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