IS Code Book – Functional Requirements in Buildings

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
990Code of practice for sound insulation of non-industrial buildings

IS 1950:1962

991Guide for Daylighting of Buildings

IS 2440:1975

992Code of practice for the acoustic design of auditoriums and conference halls

IS 2526:1963

993Code of Practice for Industrial Ventilation

IS 3103:1975

994Code of practice for natural ventilation of residential buildings

IS 3362:1977

995Code of practice for noise reduction in industrial buildings

IS 3483:1965

996Guide for heat insulation of non-industrial buildings

IS 3792:1978

997Recommendations for noise reduction in town planning

IS 4954:1968

998Recommendations for Buildings and Facilities for the Physically Handicapped

IS 4963:1987

999Code of practice for construction of underground air-raid shelters in natural soil

IS 5499:1969

1000Code of Practice for Daylighting of Factory Buildings

IS 6060:1971

1001Code of Practice for Functional Requirements of hotels, restaurants and other food service establishments Daylighting of Factory Buildings

IS 6074:1971

1002Recommendations for orientation of buildings, Part 1: Non-industrial buildings

IS 7662-1:1974

1003Code of practice for daylighting of educational buildings

IS 7942:1976

1004Recommendations for basic requirements of school buildings

IS 8827:1978

1005Glossary of terms applicable to acoustics in buildings

IS 9736:1981

1006Rating of sound insulation in buildings and building elements, Part 1: Airborne sound insulation in buildings and of interior building elements

IS 11050-1:1984

1007Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements, Part 2: Impact sound insulation

IS 11050-2:1984

1008Rating of sound insulation in buildings and building elements, Part 3: Airborne sound insulation of facade elements and facades

IS 11050-3:1984

1009Recommendations for calculation of solar radiation on buildings

IS 11907:1986

1010Code of practice for ventilation in petrochemical plants and refineries

IS 12332:1988

1011An audible emergency evacuation signal

IS 13735:1993

1012Handbook on Functional Requirements of Industrial Buildings (Lighting and Ventilation)

SP 32:1986

1013Handbook of Typified Designs for Structures with Steel Roof Trusses (With and Without Cranes) (Based on IS Codes)

SP 38:1987

1014Handbook on Structures with Steel Portal Frames (Without Cranes)

SP 40:1987

1015Handbook on Functional Requirements of Buildings (Other than Industrial Buildings)

SP 41:1987

1016Handbook on Structures with Steel Lattice Portal Frames (Without Cranes)

SP 47:1988

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