IS Code Book – Doors, Windows and Shutter

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
336Timber Panelled and Glazed Shutters, Part 1: Door shutters

IS 1003-1:2003

337Timber Panelled And Glazed Shutters, Part 2: Windows and Ventilator Shutters

IS 1003-2:1994

338Specification For Steel Doors, Windows And Ventilators

IS 1038:1983

339Code of practice for fixing and glazing of metal (steel and aluminium) doors, windows and ventilators

IS 1081:1960

340Specification for steel windows for industrial buildings

IS 1361:1978

341Specification for aluminium doors, windows and ventilators

IS 1948:1961

342Specification for Aluminium Windows for Industrial Buildings

IS 1949:1961

343Wooden Flush Door Shutters (Cellular and Hollow Core Type), Part 1: Plywood Face Panels

IS 2191-1:1983

344wooden flush door shutters (cellular and hollow core type): Part 2 Particle board and hardboard face panels

IS 2191-2:1983

345wooden flush door shutters (solid core type): Part 1 Plywood face panels

IS 2202-1:1989

346wooden flush door shutters (solid core type): Part 2 Particle board and hardboard face panels

IS 2202-2:1983

347Door Shutters - Methods of Tests

IS 4020-1to16:1998

348Timber Door, Window and Ventilator Frames

IS 4021:1995

349Recommendations for Symbolic Designation of Direction of Closing and Faces of Doors, Windows and Shutters

IS 4043:1969

350Steel Door Frames

IS 4351:2003

351Code of Practice for Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Timber Doors and Windows

IS 4913:1968

352ledged braced and battened timber door shutters

IS 6198:1992

353Metal Rolling Shutters and Rolling Grills

IS 6248:1979

354Glossary of terms relating to doors

IS 10428:1983

355steel sliding shutters (top hung type)

IS 10451:1983

356collapsible gates

IS 10521:1983

357Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Panel Type Door Shutters for Internal Use

IS 14856:2000

358Moulded Raised High-Density Fibre (HDF) Panel Doors

IS 15380:2003

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