IS Code Book – Sanitary Appliances and Water Fittings

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
667Glazed Stoneware Pipe and Fittings

IS 651:2007

668Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances: Part-1 General Requirements

IS 771-1:1979

669Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances: Part-2 Specific Requirements of Kitchen And Laboratory Sinks

IS 771-3-1 :1979

670Glazed Fire Clay Sanitary Appliances: Part-3 Specific Requirements of Urinals, Section 1: Slab Urinals

IS 771-3-1 :1979

671Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances, Part 3: Specific Requirements of Urinals: Section 2 Stall Urinals

IS 771-3-2 :1985

672Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances, Part 4: Specific Requirements of Postmortem Slabs

IS 771-4:1979

673Glazed Fire-clay Sanitary Appliances, Part V: Specific Requirements of Shower Trays

IS 771-5:1979

674Glazed Fire-clay Sanitary Appliances, Part VI: Specific Requirements of Bed Pan Sinks

IS 771-6:1979

675Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances, Part 7: Specific Requirements of Slop Sinks

IS 771-7:1981

676General Requirements for Enamelled Cast Iron Sanitary Appliances

IS 772:1973

677Flushing Cistern for Water Closets and Urinals (Other Than Plastic Cisterns)

IS 774:2004

678Copper Alloy Gate, Globe and Check Valves for Waterworks Purposes

IS 778:1984

679Water Meters (Domestic Type)

IS 779:1994

680Cast Copper Alloy Screw Down Bib Taps And Stop Valves for Water Services

IS 781:1984

681Specification for Caulking Lead

IS 782:1978

682mixing valves for ablutionary and domestic purposes

IS 1701:1960

683Water Fittings - Copper Alloy Float Valves (Horizontal Plunger Type)

IS 1703:2000

684self-closing taps for water supply purposes

IS 1711:1984

685cast iron manhole covers and frames

IS 1726:1991

686Pillar Taps for Water Supply Purposes

IS 1795:1982

687Automatic Flushing Cisterns for Urinals (Other than Plastic Cisterns)

IS 2326:1987

688Water Meters (Bulk Type)

IS 2373:1981

689plastic seats and covers for water closets, Part 1: Thermoset seats and covers

IS 2548-1:1996

690plastic seats and covers for water closets, Part 2: Thermoplastic seats and covers

IS 2548-2:1996

691vitreous sanitary appliances (vitreous china): Part 1 General requirements

IS 2556-1:1994

692Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) - - Part 2: Specific Requirements of Washdown Water Closets

IS 2556-2:2004

693Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) - - Part 3: Specific Requirements of Squatting Pans

IS 2556-3:2004

694Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) - - Part 4: Specific Requirements of Wash Basins

IS 2556-4:2004

695vitreous sanitary appliances (vitreous china): Part 5 Specific requirements of laboratory sinks

IS 2556-5:1994

696Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China), Part 6: Specific Requirements of Urinals and Partition Plates

IS 2556-6:1995

697Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (vitreous china) -, Part 7: Specific Requirements of Accessories for Sanitary Appliances

IS 2556-7:1995

698Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) -, Part 8: Specific Requirements of Pedestal Close Coupled Washdown and Symphonic Water Closets

IS 2556-8:2004

699Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) - - Part 9: Specific Requirements of Pedestal Type Bidets

IS 2556-9:2004

700vitreous sanitary appliances (vitreous china): Part 14 Specific requirements of integrated squatting pans

IS 2556-14:1995

701Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) -, Part 15: Specific Requirements of Universal Water Closets

IS 2556-15:2004

702Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) -, Part 16: Specific Requirements of Wash Down Wall Mounted Water Closets

IS 2556-16:2002

703Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) -, Part 17: Specific Requirements of Wall Mounted Bidets

IS 2556-17:2001

704Code of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of sluice valves

IS 2685:1971

705ferrules for water services

IS 2692:1989

706copper alloy waste fittings for wash basins and sinks

IS 2963:1979

707plug cocks for water supply purposes

IS 3004:1979

708chemically resistant glazed stoneware pipes and fittings

IS 3006:1979

709single faced sluice gates (200 to 1200 mm size)

IS 3042:1965

710waste plug and its accessories for sinks and wash-basins

IS 3311:1979

711surface boxes for sluice valves

IS 3950:1979

712foot valves for water works purposes

IS 4038:1986

713washers for use with fittings for water services

IS 4346:1982

714cast copper alloy traps: Part 1 'P' and 'S' traps

IS 5219-1:1969

715Swing Check Type Reflux (Non-Return] Valves for Water Works Purposes, Part 1: Single-Door Pattern

IS 5312-1:2004

716Swing Check Type Reflux (non-return) Valves for Water Works Purpose, Part 2: Multi-Door Pattern

IS 5312-2:1986

717cast-iron steps for manholes

IS 5455:1969

718cast iron gratings for drainage purposes

IS 5961:1970

719gel-coated glass fibre-reinforced polyester resin bathtubs

IS 6411:1985

720Method for performance testing of water meters (domestic type)

IS 6784:1996

721plastic flushing cisterns for water closets and urinals

IS 7231:1994

722copper alloy fancy single taps, combination tap assembly and stop valves for water services

IS 8931:1993

723Method for a sampling of vitreous and fire clay sanitary appliances

IS 9140:1996v

724cast iron screw-down stop valves and stop and check valves for water works purposes

IS 9338:1984

725pressure-reducing valves for domestic water supply systems

IS 9739:1981

726flush valves and fittings for water closets and urinals

IS 9758:1981

727polyethene floats (spherical) for float valves

IS 9762:1994

728Plastics Bib Taps, Pillar Taps, Angle Valves and Stop Valves for Hot and Cold Water Services

IS 9763:2000

729glass fibre reinforced polyester resins (GRP) squatting pans

IS 11246:1992

730plastic equilibrium float valve for cold water services

IS 12234:1988

731rotational moulded polyethene water storage tanks

IS 12701:1996

732diaphragm type (plastic body) float-operated valves for complex water services

IS 13049:1991

733forged brass gate, globe and check valves for water works purposes

IS 13114:1991

734Cast iron single faced thimble mounted sluice gates

IS 13349:1992

735stainless steel sinks for domestic purposes

IS 13983:1994

736Hot Press Moulded Thermosetting Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Resin (GRP) Sectional Water Storage Tanks, Part 1: panels, Part 2 Guidelines for assembly, installation and test

IS 14399-1&2 :1996

737Resilient Seated Cast Iron Air Relief Valves for Water Works Purposes

IS 14845:2000

738Sluice Valve for Water Works Purposes (50 to 1200 mm Size)

IS 14846:2000

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