IS Code Book – Public Health Engineering

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
1259Code of Basic Requirements for Water Supply, Drainage and Sanitation

IS 1172:1993

1260Code of practice for building drainage

IS 1742:1983

1261Code of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of sanitary appliances

IS 2064:1993

1262Code of practice for water supply in buildings

IS 2065:1983

1263Code of practice for installation of septic tanks, Part I: design, criteria and construction

IS 2470-1:1985

1264Code of practice for installation of septic tanks, Part II: Secondary treatment and disposal of septic tank effluent

IS 2470-2:1985

1265Code of practice for laying cast iron pipes

IS 3114:1994

1266Code of practice for ancillary structures in the sewerage system, Part I: Manholes

IS 4111-1:1986

1267Code of practice for ancillary structures in the sewerage system, Part II: Flushing tanks

IS 4111-2:1985

1268Code of practice for ancillary structures in the sewerage system, Part III: Inverted syphon

IS 4111-3:1985

1269Code of Practice for Ancillary Structures in Sewerage System, Part IV: Pumping Stations and Pumping Mains (Rising mains)

IS 4111-4:1968

1270Code of practice for ancillary structures in the sewerage system, Part 5: Tidal outfalls

IS 4111-5:1993

1271Code of practice for laying glazed stoneware pipes

IS 4127:1983

1272Code of practice for sanitary pipe work above ground for buildings

IS 5329:1983

1273Code of Practice for Construction of Waste Stabilization Ponds (Facultative Type)

IS 5611:1987

1274Code of Practice for Laying of Electrically Welded Steel Pipes for Water Supply

IS 5822:1994

1275equipment for grit removal devices

IS 6279:1971

1276sewage screens

IS 6280:1971

1277Code of practice for water supply and drainage in high altitudes and sub-zero temperature regions

IS 6295:1986

1278Code of Practice for the Construction of Refuse Chutes in Multi storeyed Buildings

IS 6924:1973

1279Guidelines for rapid mixing devices

IS 7090:1985

1280Guidelines for flocculator devices

IS 7208:1992

1281Method for Imhoff cone test

IS 7232:1974

1282Code of practice for domestic hot water installations

IS 7558:1974

1283Code of practice for construction and maintenance of road gullies

IS 7740:1985

1284Requirements for biological treatment equipment, Part 1: Trickling filters

IS 8413-1:1977

1285Requirements for biological treatment end equipment, Part 2: Activated sludge process and its modifications

IS 8413-2:1982

1286Requirements for filtration equipment, Part 1: Filtration media - sand and gravel

IS 8419-1:1977

1287Requirements for rapid sand gravity filtration equipment, Part 2: Under drainage system

IS 8419-2:1984

1288Hand Operated Augers for Cleaning Water-closets, Pipes and Sewers

IS 9110:1979

1289Recommendations for handling and dosing devices for chemicals for water treatment, Part I: Coagulants

IS 9222-1:1990

1290Requirements for sludge dewatering equipment, Part I: Sludge drying beds-sand, gravel and underdrains

IS 10037-1:1981

1291Requirements for sludge de-watering equipment, Part 2: Vacuum filtration equipment

IS 10037-2:1983

1292Requirements for sludge de-watering equipment, Part 3: Centrifugal equipment (Solid bowl type)

IS 10037-3:1983

1293Requirements for equipment for Jackson candle turbidimeter and determination of turbidity

IS 10053:1981

1294Requirements for settling tank (clarifier equipment) for wastewater treatment

IS 10261:1982

1295Requirements for settling tank (clarifier equipment) for water treatment plant

IS 10313:1982

1296Glossary of terms relating to water supply and sanitation

IS 10446:1983

1297buckets to be used in the power-driven bucket-type sewer cleaning machine

IS 10552:1983

1298Requirements for chlorination equipment, Part I: General guidelines for chlorination plants including handling, storage and safety of chlorine cylinders and drums

IS 10553-1:1983

1299Requirements for chlorination equipment, Part 2: Vacuum feed type chlorinators

IS 10553-2:1983

1300Requirements for chlorination equipment, Part 4: Gravity feed type gaseous chlorinators

IS 10553-4:1983

1301Requirements of chlorination equipment, Part 5: Bleaching powder solution feeder displacement type chlorinator

IS 10553-5:1987

1302Requirements for power-driven bucket-type sewer cleaning machine

IS 10595:1983

1303Requirements for power-driven rodding machine for sewers

IS 11117:1984

1304Guidelines for registration of plumbers

IS 11208:1985

1305Requirements for high-pressure jetting machine for sewer cleaning

IS 11387:1985

1306attachment tools for power-driven rodding machines for sewers

IS 11397:1985

1307Requirements for slow sand filters, Part 1: General guidelines

IS 11401-1:1985

1308General requirements for slow sand filters, Part 2: Design, construction, operation and maintenance

IS 11401-2:1990

1309Recommendations for cement mortar lining for cast iron mild steel and ductile-iron pipes and fittings for transportation of water

IS 11906:1986

1310pitch-impregnated fibre pipes and fittings for drainage purposes

IS 11925:1986

1311sewer cleaning metal rods

IS 11931:1987

1312Code of practice for safety precautions to be taken when entering a sewerage system

IS 11972:1987

1313Code of practice for plumbing in multi-storied buildings, Part 1: Water supply

IS 12183-1:1987

1314Code of practice for drainage of building basements

IS 12251:1987

1315Code of Practice for Use and Laying of Ductile Iron Pipes

IS 12288:1987

1316Code of practice for sanitation with leaching pits for rural community

IS 12314:1987

1317mechanical surface aerators-guidelines for evaluation and testing

IS 13166:1992

1318General requirements of suction machine for cleaning sewers, manholes and ancillary structures provided on sewer line and closed stormwater drains

IS 13496:1992

1319Handbook on Water Supply and Drainage (with Special Emphasis on Plumbing)

SP 35:1987

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