IS Code book – Earthquake Engineering

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
1496Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures, Part 1: General Provisions and Buildings

IS 1893-1:2002

1497Criteria for earthquake-resistant design of the structure, Part 4: Industrial structures including stack-like structures )

IS 1893-4:2005

1498Criteria for earthquake-resistant design of structures

IS 1893:1984

1499Code of practice for earthquake-resistant design and construction of buildings

IS 4326:1993

1500Recommendations for seismic instrumentation for river valley projects

IS 4967:1968

1501Criteria for blast-resistant design of structures for explosions above ground

IS 4991:1968

1502Criteria for safety and design of structures subject to underground blasts

IS 6922:1973

1503Improving earthquake resistance of earthen buildings - Guidelines

IS 13827:1993

1504Improving earthquake resistance of low-strength masonry buildings - Guidelines

IS 13828:1993

1505Ductile detailing of reinforced concrete structures subjected to seismic forces - Code of practice

IS 13920:1993

1506Seismic Evaluation, Repair and Strengthening of Masonry Buildings - Guidelines

IS 13935:2009

1507Seismic Evaluation and Strengthening of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings - Guidelines

IS 15988:2013

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