IS Code Book – Fire Fighting

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
1122Specification for First-Aid Hose-Reel For Fire Fighting

IS 884:1985

1123Specification for Couplings, Double Male And Double Female, Instantaneous Pattern For Fire Fighting

IS 901:1988

1124Specification for Suction Hose Couplings For Fire Fighting Purposes

IS 902:1992

1125Specification for Fire Hose Delivery Couplings, Branch Pipe, Nozzles And Nozzle Spanner - Specification

IS 903:1993

1126Specification for 2-Way And 3-Way Suction Collecting Heads For Fire Fighting Purposes

IS 904:1983

1127Specification for Delivery Breechings, Dividing And Collecting Instantaneous Pattern For Fire Fighting Purposes

IS 905:1980

1128Specification for Revolving Branch Pipe For Fire Fighting

IS 906:1988

1129Specification for Suction Strainers, Cylindrical Type For Fire Fighting Purposes

IS 907:1984

1130Specification for Fire Hydrant, Stand Post Type

IS 908:1975

1131Specification for Underground Fire Hydrant, Sluice Valve Type

IS 909:1992

1132Specification for Combined Key For Hydrant, Hydrant Cover And Lower Valve

IS 910:1980

1133Specification For Fireman's Axe

IS 926:1985

1134Specification For Fire Hooks

IS 927:1981

1135Specification For Fire Bells

IS 928:1984

1136Specification for Washers For Water Fittings For Fire Fighting Purposes

IS 937:1981

1137Specification for Snatch Block for Use with Fibre Rope for Fire Brigade Use

IS 939:1977

1138Specification for Portable Fire Extinguisher, Water Type (Gas Cartridge)

IS 940:2003

1139Specification for Blower and Exhauster for Fire Fighting

IS 941:1985

1140Functional Requirements for 275 1/Min Portable Pump Set for Fire Fighting

IS 942:1982

1141Functional Requirements for 680-1/Min Trailer Pump For Fire Brigade Use

IS 943:1979

1142Functional Requirements of 1800-1/Min Trailer Pump For Fire Brigade Use

IS 944:1979

1143Functional Requirements for Towing Tender for Trailer Fire Pump for Fire Brigade Use

IS 947:1985

1144Functional Requirements for Water Tender Type 'A' for Fire Brigade Use

IS 948:1983

1145Emergency (Rescue) Tender - Functional Requirements

IS 949:2012

1146Functional Requirements for Water Tender, Type B for Fire Brigade Use

IS 950:2012

1147Functional Requirements for Crash Fire Tender for Air Fields

IS 951:2003

1148Fognozzle for Fire Brigade Use - Specification

IS 952:1986

1149Fognozzle for Fire Brigade Use - Specification

IS 952:2012

1150Functional Requirements for Dry Powder Tender for Fire Brigade Use

IS 955:1980

1151Functional Requirements for Rescue Tender for Air Fields

IS 956:2004

1152Specification for Control Van for Fire Brigade Use

IS 957:1967

1153Functional requirements for electric motor sirens, Part 1: ac 3 phase 50 Hz, 415 volts type

IS 1941-1:1976

1154Foam Making Branch Pipe and Foam Inductor- Specification

IS 2097:2012

1155Specification for portable fire extinguishers, dry powder (cartridge type)

IS 2171:1999

1156Specification for heat-sensitive fire detectors for use in an automatic fire alarm system

IS 2175:1988

1157Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System Code of Practice

IS 2189:2008

1158Selection, Installation and maintenance of first-aid fire extinguishers - Code o Practice

IS 2190:2010

1159Specification for Single Barrel Stirrup Pump for Fire Fighting Purposes

IS 2298:1977

1160Specification for galvanized mild steel fire bucket

IS 2546:1974

1161Functional Requirements for 1 125-1/min Light Fire Engine

IS 2696:1974

1162Specification for Non-Metal Helmets for Firemen and Civil Defense Personnel

IS 2745:1983

1163Branch Pipe, Universal For Fire fighting Purpose- Specification

IS 2871:1983

1164Branch Pipe, Universal For Fire fighting Purpose- Specification

IS 2871:2012

1165Fire Extinguisher, Carbon Dioxide Type (Portable and Trolley Mounted) -Specification

IS 2878:2004

1166Specification for Industrial Safety Helmets(Bi-Lingual)

IS 2925:1984

1167Specification for Industrial Safety Helmets (Bilingual)

IS 2925:1984

1168Functional requirements for hose laying tender for fire brigade use

IS 2930:1980

1169basket strainers for fire fighting purposes (cylindrical type)

IS 3582:1984

1170Specification hose binding machine

IS 3744:1985

1171Code of practice for installation and maintenance of internal fire hydrants and hose reels on premises

IS 3844:1989

1172Specification for protective helmets for scooter and motorcycle riders

IS 4151:1993

1173Specification for Dry Chemical Powder for Fighting B and C Class Fires

IS 4308:2003

1174Specification of Aluminium Extension Ladders for Fire Brigade use

IS 4571:1977

1175Specification for suction wrenches for fire brigade use

IS 4643:1984

1176Specification for dry powder for fighting fires in burning metals

IS 4861:1984

1177Specification for portable fire extinguishers for aircraft, Part 1: Halon 1211 Type

IS 4862-1:1986

1178Specification for Unlined Flax Canvas Hose for Fire Fighting

IS 4927:1992

1179delivery valve for centrifugal fire pump outlets

IS 4928:1986

1180Specification for Gas cartridges for use in fire extinguishers

IS 4947:2006

1181multipurpose aqueous film forming foam liquid concentrate for extinguishing hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires

IS 4989-4:2003

1182Foam Concentrate for producing mechanical foam for fire fighting - Specification (Amalgamating IS 4989 (Part 1):1985, (Part 2): 1984, (Part 3):1987

IS 4989:2006

1183Dividing Breeching with Control for Fire Brigade Use -Specification

IS 5131:2002

1184Specification for landing valves

IS 5290:1993

1185Specification for quick-release knife

IS 5486:1985

1186Specification for multi-edged rescue axe (non-wedging)

IS 5505:1985

1187Specification for hose-clamps and hose bandages for fire brigade use, Part 1: Hose-clamps

IS 5612-1:1977

1188Specification for hose clamps and hose bandages for fire brigade use, Part 2: Hose bandages

IS 5612-2:1977

1189Specification for Hydrant Stand-Pipe for Fire Fighting

IS 5714:1981

1190Code of practice for design and construction of fire service drill-tower

IS 5888:1970

1191Code of Practice for Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Special Fire Fighting Appliance, Part I: Combined Foam and Co Crash Tender

IS 5896-1:1970

1192Code of practice for selection, operation and maintenance of fire fighting appliances, Part 3: Turntable ladders

IS 5896-3:1975

1193Specification - hand-operated sirens

IS 6026:1985

1194Functional Requirements for Water Tender Type 'X' for Fire Brigade Use

IS 6067:1983

1195Code of practice for selection, operation and maintenance of trailer fire pumps, portable pumps, water tenders and motor fire engines

IS 6070:1983

1196Portable Fire Extinguishers Water Type (Stored Pressure) -Specification

IS 6234:2003

1197Fire Fighting Equipment - Glossary of Terms

IS 7673:2004

1198Specification for head forms for testing of helmets

IS 7692:1993

1199Specification for Couplings, Branch Pipe, and Nozzle Used in Hose Reel Tubing for Fire Fighting

IS 8090:1976

1200Specification for fire beaters

IS 8096:1992

1201Functional requirements for twin co2 fire extinguishers (trolley mounted)

IS 8149:1994

1202Specification for the controlled percolating hose for firefighting

IS 8423:1994

1203Stand post type water and foam monitor for fire fighting -Specification

IS 8442:2008

1204Specification for non-metal helmets for the police force

IS 9562:1980

1205Code of practice for provision and maintenance of water supplies and firefighting

IS 9695:1980

1206Methods of sampling of helmets

IS 9695:1980

1207Specification for Automatic Sprinkler Heads for Fire Protection Service

IS 9972:2002

1208Specification for visors for scooter helmets

IS 9973:1981

1209Specification for visors for non-metal police and firemen's helmets

IS 9995:1981

1210Specification for portable fire extinguisher mechanical foam type

IS 10204:2001

1211Functional requirements for small foam tender for fire brigade use

IS 10460:1983

1212Specification for Higher Capacity Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher (Trolley Mounted)

IS 10658:1999

1213Functional requirements for 2000 kg dry powder tender for fire brigade use

IS 10993:1984

1214Extended Branch Pipe for Fire Brigade Use

IS 11101:1984

1215Specification for Portable Fire Extinguishers - Halon 1211 Type

IS 11108:1984

1216Specification for smoke detectors for use in an automatic electrical fire alarm system

IS 11360:1985

1217Specification for a dry powder fire extinguisher for metal fires

IS 11833:1986

1218Functional requirements of fire fighting equipment - High capacity portable pump set (1100-1600 1/min)

IS 12717:1989

1219Specification for fire rake

IS 12796:1989

1220Tool Mcleod for fighting forest fires

IS 12805:1989

1221Design and installation of fixed foam fire extinguishing system - Code of Practice, Part 1: Low expansion foam

IS 12835-1:1989

1222Specification of pulaski tool for forest fire

IS 12853:1989

1223Fire Fighting - Brush Hook for Forest Fires -Specification

IS 12859:1989

1224Specification for the double-bit axe for forest fire

IS 12861:1989

1225Specification for fire fighting shovel for forest fires

IS 12862:1989

1226External hydrant systems - provision and maintenance - Code of practice

IS 13039:1991

1227Specification for fire extinguisher 50-litre capacity wheel mounted water type (Gas Cartridge)

IS 13385:1992

1228Specification for fire extinguisher 50-litre capacity, mechanical foam type

IS 13386:1992

1229Specification for portable fire extinguisher dry powder type (constant pressure)

IS 13849:1993

1230Dry Chemical Powder for Fighting A, B, C, Class Fires -Specification

IS 14609:1999

1231Maintenance of Fire Hose - Code of Practice

IS 14851:2000

1232High-Pressure Fire Fighting Hose -Specification

IS 14933:2001

1233Fire Extinguisher - 135 Litres Capacity Mechanical Foam Type

IS 14951:2001

1234High-Pressure Fire Hose Delivery Couplings -Specification

IS 15051:2001

1235Design and Installation of Fixed Automatic Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing Systems - Code of Practice

IS 15105:2002

1236Specification for Halogenated hydrocarbons - halon 1211 and halon 1301 - fire extinguishing media

IS 15220:2002

1237Safe Handling and Transfer Procedures of Halon 1211 and Halon 1301 (Halogenated Hydrocarbons) - Fire Extinguishing Media

IS 15221:2002

1238Carbon Dioxide as Fire Extinguishing Media for Fire Protection -Specification

IS 15222:2002

1239Installation and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Pumps - Code of Practice

IS 15301:2003

1240Design and Installation of Fixed Automatic High and Medium Velocity Water Spray System - Code of Practice

IS 15325:2003

1241Portable Fire Extinguisher Mechanical Foam Type (Stored Pressure) -Specification

IS 15397:2003

1242Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - General Requirements

IS 15493:2004

1243Inspection and Maintenance of Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - Code of Practice

IS 15496:2004

1244Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - IG 01 Extinguishing Systems

IS 15497:2004

1245Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - IG 541 Extinguishing Systems

IS 15501:2004

1246Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - HCFC Blend A Extinguishing Systems

IS 15505:2004

1247Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - IG 55 Extinguishing Systems

IS 15506:2004

1248Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - HFC 227ea (Hepta Fluoro Propane) Extinguishing Systems

IS 15517:2004

1249Water mist fire protection systems - Systems design, installation and commissioning - Code of practice

IS 15519:2004

1250Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - IG 100 Extinguishing Systems

IS 15525:2004

1251Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - Carbon Dioxide Total Flooding and Local Application ( Sub-Floor and In-Cabinet), High and Low Pressure (Refrigerated) Systems

IS 15528:2004

1252Firefighting vehicles and equipment - symbols for operator controls and other display

IS 15682:2006

1253Portable fire extinguishers - Performance and Construction

IS 15683:2006

1254Long-range water-cum-foam monitor with self-inducting, aspirating and non-aspirating jet and spray/fog nozzle forfire fighting -Specification

IS 15811:2008

1255Gaseous fire extinguishing systems - Physical properties and system design - CF3I extinguishant

IS 15821:2008

1256Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems - HCFC-125 Extinguishing Systems

IS 15835:2009

1257Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Control and Indicating Equipment for Fire Detection and Alarm System Code of Practice

IS 15908:2011

1258Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) Pipes for Automatic Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System - Specification

IS 16088:2012

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