IS Code Book – Construction Management including safety in Construction

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
1320Safety code of scaffolds and ladders, Part 1: Scaffolds

IS 3696-1:1987

1321Scaffolds and Ladders - Code of Safety, Part 2: Ladders

IS 3696-2:1991

1322Code of safety for excavation work

IS 3764:1992

1323Code of Practice for Steel Tubular Scaffolding, Part II: Safety Regulations for Scaffolding

IS 4014-2:1967

1324Safety code for blasting and related drilling operations

IS 4081:1986

1325Recommendations on stacking and storage of construction materials and components at the site

IS 4082:1996

1326Safety code for demolition of buildings

IS 4130:1991

1327Safety code for working in compressed air

IS 4138:1977

1328Safety code for tunnelling work

IS 4756:1978

1329Safety Requirements for Floor and Wall Openings, Railings and Toe Boards

IS 4912:1978

1330Safety code for piling and other deep foundations

IS 5121:1969

1331Safety code for construction involving the use of hot bituminous materials

IS 5916:1970

1332Recommendation for Labour Output Constants for Building Work, Part I: North Zone

IS 7272-1:1974

1333Safety code for working with construction machinery

IS 7293:1974

1334Safety code for handling and storage of building materials

IS 7969:1975

1335Safety code for the erection of concrete framed structures

IS 8989:1978

1336Material constants in building works

IS 10067:1982

1337Safety code for dress divers in civil engineering works

IS 10291:1982

1338Unified Nomenclature of Workmen for Civil Engineering

IS 10302:1982

1339Protective Barriers in and Around Buildings - Code of Safety

IS 13415:1992

1340Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces, Part 1: Falling material hazards prevention

IS 13416-1:1992

1341Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces, Part 2: Fall prevention

IS 13416-2:1992

1342Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces, Part 3: Disposal of debris

IS 13416-3:1994

1343Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces, Part 4: Timber structures

IS 13416-4:1994

1344Recommendations for preventive measures against hazards at workplaces, Part 5: Fire protection

IS 13416-5:1994

1345Code of practice for safety during additional construction and alteration to existing buildings

IS 13430:1992

1346Construction project management - Guidelines, Part 1: General

IS 15883-1:2009

1347Construction project management - Guidelines, Part 2: Time Management

IS 15883-2:2013

1348Handbook on Construction Safety Practices

SP 70:2001

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