IS Code Book – Builder Hardware

SI.NCode book used (Description)IS Code number
1017Tower Bolts - Specification: Part-1 Ferrous Metals

IS 204-1:1991

1018Tower Bolts - Specification Part-2 Non-Ferrous Metals

IS 204-2:1992

1019Non-Ferrous Metal Butt Hinges -Specification

IS 205:1992

1020Tee and Strap Hinges - Specification

IS 206:2010

1021Door Handles -Specification

IS 208:1996

1022Mild Steel Sliding Door Bolts for Use With Padlocks -Specification

IS 281:2009

1023Parliament Hinges -Specification

IS 362:1991

1024Hasps and Staples -Specification

IS 363:1993

1025Fanlight Catch -Specification

IS 364:1993

1026Door Spring, Rat-Tail Type - Specification

IS 452:1973

1027Double Acting Spring Hinges -Specification

IS 453:1993

1028Specification For Rim Latches

IS 1019:1974

1029Steel butt hinges

IS 1341:1992

1030Specification for floor door stoppers

IS 1823:1980

1031Specification for fanlight pivots

IS 1837:1966

1032Non-ferrous metal sliding door bolts (drops) with padlocks -Specification

IS 2681:1993

1033Hydraulically Regulated Door Closers -Specification

IS 3564:1995

1034Continuous (Piano) hinges -Specification

IS 3818:1992

1035Specification for ventilator chains

IS 3828:1966

1036Steel back flap hinges -Specification

IS 3843:1995

1037Specification for indicating bolts for use in public baths and lavatories

IS 4621:1975

1038Specification for door handles for mortice lock (vertical type)

IS 4992:1975

1039Specification for flush bolts

IS 5187:1972

1040Specification - bath-room latches

IS 5899:1970

1041Floor springs (hydraulically regulated) for heavy doors

IS 6315:1992

1042Specification -plastic window stays and fasteners

IS 6318:1971

1043Specification for Door Closers (Pneumatically Regulated) for Light Doors Weighing up to 40 kg

IS 6343:1982

1044Specification for hold fast

IS 7196:1974

1045Specification for double action floor springs (without oil check) heavy door

IS 7197:1974

1046Specification for sliding locking bolts for use with padlocks

IS 7534:1985

1047Specification for mortice ball catches for use in the wooden almirah

IS 8756:1978

1048Specification for rising butt hinges

IS 9106:1979

1049Specification for Flush Drop Handle for Drawers

IS 9460:1980

1050Specification for hat, coat and wardrobe hooks

IS 9899:1981

1051Specification for mild steel stays and fasteners

IS 10019:1981

1052Specification for numerical

IS 10090:1982

1053Specification for the curtain rail system

IS 10342:1982

1054Stainless steel butt hinges - Specification

IS 12817:1997

1055Stainless steel butt hinges - Specification

IS 12817:2013

1056PVC Handrail Covers - Specification

IS 12867:1989

1057Door Closers, Concealed Type (Hydraulically Regulated)

IS 14912:2001

1058Stainless steel tower bolts -Specification

IS 15833:2009

1059Stainless Steel Sliding Door Bolts for use with Padlocks - Specification

IS 15834:2008

1060Stainless steel sliding door bolts for use with padlocks -Specification Bilingual)

IS 15834:2008

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